SmartLeCo DAO

First of all, it’s people, united in a team and using blockchain technologies and DAO format for community management and business building.

Transparent business

Decentralized business process management at all stages

Strong community

A fair system of communication and interaction in the community

Learn Opportunity

Continuous learning process at all stages of development

Life style

Life is not only business and we actively welcome it

SmartLeCo DAO
SmartLeCo DAO

System that works autonomously

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) can be called a new type of democracy, with the difference that the agreements between the participants are fixed here not verbally or even in writing, but at the level of technology.

SmatLeCo DAO does not have a single governing body, more precisely, it is the system itself based on the blockchain.

Basic conditions

How does SmartLeCo DAO work

You should know it

SmartLeCo DAO is a multifunctional blockchain-based DeFi platform. Here, users can jointly make decisions about participation in various projects and Smart Leaders Community development, trade on DEX-exchanges, purchase a DAO LP token and earn on it. Buying tokens already guarantees a profit from staking.

Anyone can become a partner of the SmartLeCo DAO and member of the system — any questions can be asked in a private telegram community group.

There are other benefits too:
Need help?

If you have any questions, you can ask them in our open telegram channel or contact an online consultant

You can do that

If you have already decided to become a member of SmartLeCo DAO, you can do it yourself at any time.

this is where everyone starts

Become a holder of SmartLeCo LP tokens

In order to become a member of SmartLeCo DAO, you just need to purchase any amount of LP tokens by connecting a wallet convenient for you to the platform.

take part in the dao management

GT > If you are ready, start acting

If you are a holder of 200 or more SmartLeCo DAO LP tokens, you have the opportunity to apply for voting on the allocation of GT tokens to you, giving you the right to vote in the DAO management (for the first 25 applicants, the minimum limit is 100 LP tokens).

time to earn

Current opportunities

We are at the very beginning of our development, there will be more and more opportunities every day

Basic staking of LP tokens

%% are accrued monthly on the current balance of LP tokens

3.5 %

Good cooperation

We are from different countries, we have different professions, we speak different languages and we are of different ages, BUT this does not prevent us from effectively communicating and developing our business using SmartLeCo DAO ecosystem.

DAO makes it possible to combine the capabilities and experience of everyone in order to achieve a more effective movement towards achieving a joint planned result and modern technologies greatly accelerate this process.

Hi, I consider it possible to pay dividends for the last month based on the results of the community’s work

Yes, I support, this proposal is already being voted in the system

The proposal has already received the required number of votes, it is accepted and dividends are paid automatically

About Us

SmartLeCo token / SLCT — Smart Leaders Community token, which is used for mutual settlements, training events, payment for physical goods and services, is a tool for increasing capital and trading on various DEX platforms.

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