SmartLeCo token ( SLCT )

SmartLeCo token is a backbone community token participating in all products, tools and operations and operating on the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Token supply structure

SmartLeCo token uses a deflationary model of operation and as the activity of holders and users grows, this model will limit the total number of tokens in circulation.

Polygon blockchain
99.000.000 SLCT
Stellar blockchain
1.000.000 SLCT
Total supply
100.000.000 SLCT
🔥 Burned
341 SLCT
Circulation supply
66.553 SLCT
DEX liquidity
605.989 SLCT
Hold & Lock
99.327.117 SLCT
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Become a SmartLeCo token holder

Everything is very simple. Money should always work for you and SmartLeCo token is the best solution to this problem in combination with available products and tools. Time is money.

SLCT contract: 


Crypto Payments

Can be used as a means of payment without any restrictions

Scalable Profits

Scalable active and passive income depending on the instruments used

Payments for goods and services

You can pay without limits

Professional Suite of Tools

The ability to select the necessary tool for solving a specific problem

Referral Program

Earn reward by inviting your friends

The referral program will be activated soon, but now every new community member, who makes the first purchase of a Smart token is entitled to receive a starting BONUS of 5% of the purchase amount. To do this, simply write to our online assistant at the link below.


Common questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

SmartLeCo token is a backbone community token participating in all products, tools and operations and operating on the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The total emission of SmartLeCo token is 100.000.000 of which 99.000.000 in the Polygon network (MATIC, ERC 20) and 1.000.000 in the Stellar network (XLM).

SmartLeCo token is currently already used as a means of payment between individuals and companies, as a means of payment for goods and services, exchanged on DEXs, used in farming and staking, DAO and other crypto tools.

Polygon is an extremely popular cryptocurrency, which is currently in the top 30 according to CoinMarketCap. Currently, more than 3000 decentralized applications are scaled via Polygon. The developers have made sure that the MATIC transactions are of high security. In addition, transactions on the Polygon network are completed almost instantly, so you don’t have to wait long, as well as worry about freezing funds or chargebacks. Moreover, MATIC is an ERC20 token, so its storage and use is possible in all Ethereum wallets.

Polygon is a scaling solution with several tools that increase speed and reduce fees and complexity of transactions. This is a Layer 2 network, and it works as an additional layer to Ethereum, which does not change the original structure of the blockchain. The platform helps Ethereum to expand, increases security, efficiency and usefulness, and also encourages developers to bring new products to market faster. This is a kind of new network to which developers can transfer their DApps from Ethereum.

Smart token can be used by all kinds of organizations, from businesses to non-profit organizations, as a payment option.

SmartLeCo token is in free circulation without any restrictions and is available for purchase on all platforms of the Stellar network and platforms that support Polygon (MATIC) network tokens, such as QUICKSWAP, DODO, … 

You also have the option to buy or sell Smart token directly in your MetaMask wallet.

Yes, you can. Just contact us or use your own tools to integrate payment acceptance using Smart token.

Yes, you can. Just contact us to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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SmartLeCo token / SLCT — Smart Leaders Community token, which is used for mutual settlements, training events, payment for physical goods and services, is a tool for increasing capital and trading on various DEX platforms.

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