SmartLeCo Airdrop time

This is just a game and an opportunity for our active clients and partners to additionally receive Smart tokens in your wallets as a small thank you for your loyalty

All you need to do is just follow the announcements, the activity of the counter and the presence of the balance of the Smart token on your account according to the conditions of the airdrop, which may vary depending on the market situation and the number of participants

SmartLeCo with phone
SmartLeCo token coin
Market prices

Buy and sell

You are free to buy and sell SmartLeCo token at any time and in any quantity, BUT you must have 40 or more SmartLeCo tokens in your balance at the set airdrop time.

After publishing information about the payment of the airdrop in the official telegram channel (10-15 min.), you can again trade the token at your discretion without any restrictions.

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Buy, sell, & manage crypto

At any time, you can independently check the current rate of the SmartLeCo token using the analytics bot in our telegram chat, for this you just need to enter and send » / » in the query string and select one of the available options

About Us

SmartLeCo token / SLCT — Smart Leaders Community token, which is used for mutual settlements, training events, payment for physical goods and services, is a tool for increasing capital and trading on various DEX platforms.

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